PEN GAME SICK “Ode To My Poetic Friends”



Naturally I am an artist retarted with lyrics,
No gimmicks,
I write verses all day,
I perform and display from for my friends,
We get hype off of every line,
Because of word play and their design,
So I channel an inner fury,
I escape every lick on pages so sick,
I couldn’t have imagined it until written,
In my bathroom or basement spitting,
Every word hitting,
I salute all those that uses the pen,
Even my blog gods,
I ride with them.

In the essence of 11/1/14 “National Author Day” I salute my poetic friends in the blog world, and this poem/lyrical piece goes out to them.  I respect your talents and art form.  I wish you the best, the words I read that you have written, you guys are nice with the pen.

Shout out to my Poetic Friends, from Jixi Fox.

Patty –

Curly Miri –

Shawn The Writer –

Micheline –

Rookie Notes –

Jennifer –

Jodie –

Chiku’s Poems –

Ashley –

Nathan –

Silver Poetry –

Billie –

Amuseless “A is for”  –

Wuji –

Chester –

The Life of A Young Poet –

Shark Tooth Sweater –

Kalabalu –

Cheri  Lucas –

I might have missed a few name, past, present and future in my list… But as you read this piece, it’s all love.  Hold your pen in the sky, or you finger up before you type. 🙂

Just know I think of you guys as my band of brothers and sisters with a pen.

No need to respond to this post, but if you want to drop a comment to a dope post or respond back, it would be much appreciated…


It’z Jixi


5 thoughts on “PEN GAME SICK “Ode To My Poetic Friends”

  1. Megha Patel

    I shall hold my pen to the sky or my hands! Because like a strike of lightening I will write/type. Thanks once again for the props and respect. Wonderful =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just Patty

    Now this is a surprise! 🙂
    I am honored to be named by you my dear friend!
    And I shall wield my pen like a sword to be worthy of your appreciation. 🙂
    Hugz & Lots of love ❤



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