MY WOES #Poetry #Art #Music

MY WOES (lyrics)

Riding through the city…with my woes…

My Woes - Jixi Fox - Music Artwork Lyrics - 600



My Woes - Jixi Fox - jixifox Music Artwork - 600


Verse 1:

I can’t get no job no more…

I been trying to shoot,

But, I can’t score…

I’m just sitting in this house by myself nobody around…

I wish had money so I could hit the club,

Because it’s about to go down…

I don’t know where I am going,

Got no…Choice!

I been here for the last few hours…Lost!

I don’t want to go to shop,

Don’t want to go out, and go think about make it happen,

But I’m going to have do something,

So imma just get my bags packed then I am gonna go…


© 2015 Jixi Fox

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