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LIVE LOVE ASAP [#SpokenWord]

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Stylishly I design myself,
I craft a look,
No turning back,
Phone off the hook,
I can’t hear your calls,
I got balls to do something different,
Bringing summer to the winter,
I escape on an escapade,
To too hot mami’s I saw at the parade,
Down in Miami at the beach,
Drinks in me Wet Willies,
I beast when I flow,
Everyone knows,
Dr. Dre told me he needs me on the next episode,
I stoop, I duck lames,
Those people are just mere casualties,
I am too popular,
Everyone is after me,
So I just got to live life ASAP,
And roll with the MOB and blow out in the maybach.

Jixi Fox


Photo Image: ASAP Rocky
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