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Jixi Fox - Spoken Word

Known for causing chaos,
Making buckets in 2k basketball just off of lay ups,
They can’t handle the boy,
Glowing out of water smiling,
Ready to wild, just call me Bruce Leroy,
They thought my rhymes was just a game,
Like I can’t ether anyone who steps into my frame,
Like that’s not how I train,
You can see me blogging,
I release some gems on the world how ever so often,
Never am I ever boring,
Known as the survivor of the Armageddon,
That’s all that I am saying,
To live I will do just about anything,
Constantly switching lanes,
People ain’t safe in these streets,
Talking recklessly on the internet like its a rap beef,
This stuff is maddening,
Like in an instance something crazy can just happen,
Like OMG did you record it?
Are you bored?
Let’s upload it for the world to see,
Hit up Q from world star,
I run around with a body bag,
For I don’t know who is the next fool I am going to cook,
Or which chick I am going to bag,
I don’t think the world seen the writing on the wall,
I guess they need me to write it in a book,
And show up to read them chapters at their door.

Jixi Fox


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