Daily Archives: September 7, 2015


broken heart

Slowly approach her with flowers or roses,
It will expose your kindness,
She needs a gentle reminder that nice things can happen,
Write her a note,
Say no words,
As she read a light poetry to light up her cheeks to smile,
Say excuse miss,
What’s your name,
For I want to know the name of the beautiful lady before me,
If you got a joke, tell it,
For even if it’s corny,
It could make the difference of you trying too hard,
Or you are nervous to be in her presence,
Compliment her in a unique way,
No need to be like damn shorty you fine,
Maybe talk about her hair, her nose even her eyes,
Surprise her with an invite to go for walk,
To just talk,
Why not you need to know how deep she has fallen,
So you can lift her up,
A broken heart needs healing,
And you are the doctor,
Take a chance at saving one,
Spin the wheel.


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