Daily Archives: September 14, 2015


1 percent one

Have you ever wanted to be better?
Better than the rest,
Be that one percent,
While the world is the other 99%,
Wanting to be different,
Wanting to make a change,
Wanting to life comfortable,
These are the thoughts circling my brain,
When it rains,
I see tears by others,
I can’t help them,
But I try,
But if helping them,
I see myself feeling like I am going to die,
As if I took their pain away,
And adding to my misery,
This is why I am here right now,
They said history repeats itself,
But I need to change that,
Again I repeat I want to be the one percent,
So I got to make my good better,
And make my better my best,
I going to be that one percent.


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