Daily Archives: November 5, 2015

My Words Are Like Kisses

words like kisses

Charming I am, I know,
You see my glow,
Smiling at you from a far,
That’s how the story goes,
It’s nice and innocent,
You really like that,
You flirt with me, fact,
I flirt right back,
I say a few words to introduce myself,
Even though you know me,
Something deep down inside you screams,
This could be a moment,
Let the words serenade your mind,
She wants to let me in,
To fill her up with what I have to give.

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Don’t Forsake Me

dont forsake me

I was left out to dry before,
But I am not a dog,
I use to cry out for help,
They slapped away my paw,
I saw my life change,
Everything has been destroyed,
I am running for my life to survive,
Feeling like a child,
Looking for a pool to just dive,
In my surprise,
I found you out of the blue,
And I decided,
Please don’t forget about me,
Or I will just cry,
As I way my good-byes.

Instagram: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox
Youtube: youtube.com/jixifox