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dont fight it - kitty cat videos pic meme

Don’t fight what you are great at,
That is where the hate is at,
People are always going to,
Try and stare you from your dreams,
In reality,
You are a failure if decide to follow their schemes,
It’s about a team,
Find one that builds you up,
And pick you up when you are down,
They want to see you rise to the throne,
They may even help hand you the crown,
If you want it go get it,
It may take you a while,
Practice patience,
Off set it,
For you may not know,
You could be the one,
Stand up and claim it,
Don’t run,
Embrace and take it.

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I don’t want to ever forget,
Every moment,
Every step,
We took to get here,
In peace,
In love,
Our journey,
Our fantasy,
So I captured everything in photographs,
Just I case I have amnesia,
Of you.

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Jixi Fox - Nemesis - Album Cover - jixifox - poetry art haiku

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Dating Backwards – 4 Mistakes of 2015

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Hey nosies!

Do you remember when dating used to involve actual effort?  I used to feel this complete rush of excitement before going on a date.  Preparation was a must and depending on the caliber of the date, you could spend an entire day just getting ready for that one night.

A visit to the nail shop in the early afternoon was always required.  If you couldn’t make it to the salon, one of your “friendticians” had to hook your hair up.  And of course you had to fit in a trip to the mall for a new outfit!  Men were no exception; waiting hours at the barbershop for that fresh haircut or lining.  Blowing the dust off of the iron while spraying the air with Issey Miaki, Curve or Jean Paul.

The best dates were always a mystery.  Wondering if it would be a knock at the door or a phone call to alert you of…

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