Daily Archives: December 24, 2015


wood works

Carving through the raps,
From the trap,
Snapping on the gram,
With the fam,
Knowing I am the man,
With the plan,
I ran with the crew no scams,
I launched off in the paint,
Bringing the rock to the gate,
Open up,
I am coming in,
My weaponry is untouchable,
The skills list is long like this,
An immigrant with a dream of bliss,
To never be broke,
Coming for the throats of my doubters,
Oh boy the encounter with me will be epic,
Biopic already in the works,
Peep my credits,
I am stacking up,
My mother had the smarts,
My father had the charts,
Combined in to me,
The illest poet emcee,
From JA to NYC,

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