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luke_skywalker - the force awakens

They said I was the chosen one,
To spit bars,
I left the planet for a while,
Got involved in a Star Wars,
I was comfortable and living,
Then all of a sudden I was sent on a mission,
Didn’t have to talent to win,
Didn’t let me non-talents win,
Never did I give in,
I had an entire planet under my chin,
They wasn’t near my eye sight,
I had to look down,
I saw I was the king,
I proudly wore my crown,
Now I roll around,
Town after town,
Looking to fight,
Ready to make things right,
The force has awaken,
In my down time it was steadily baking,
In an oven,
Until I blew out the glass,
Almost fell on my ass,
I went straight in a clash,
To make my name known,
No clones,
The real deal,
On top of everything I stayed,
My rightful home.

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