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Hi, it’s Jixi.  I want to thank everyone for following and support my craft that I have been putting my heart and soul into for the last few years.  I have really pushed myself pass many limits to get to this point where I am finally ready, to release my independent music album and book.  I am absolutely excited and nervous at the same time, for its kind of a scary thing being a full-time artist in two genres, and have so much in life to deal with.  I know you can probably relate it that as well, life, being crazy trying to live your dreams.  So all in all, as much I create these projects for me, I also created them for you.  I really don’t know what to expect, but I am ready to see.

Please lend your support & awareness to these two creative works.  I promise I will not let you down or disappoint.

“As my heart beats,
I can breathe,
I can feel,
I will create.”



When you not alone in your thoughts, so you voice them out loud, you rival the norm and stand out, a nemesis of art & life.

Jixi Fox - Nemesis - Album Cover - jixifox - poetry art haiku

Nemesis is both a book & album that will be available for download, reading & streaming on 12.27.15



My debut music album of minimal poetic melodies and life story. We don’t all think the same, we can be different when we create art.

Jixi Fox - The Burna Effect - Album Cover Artwork - jixifox - poetry art spoken word

The Burna Effect will be available for download & streaming on 12.26.15.





I am always shooting for the stars,
With my bars,
Hoping one day they will go far,
But everyday is a good day,
I just want to play,
For it’s like exercise,
While I am on the runway,
I am flexing,
Ain’t no one specific I am trying to impress,
I just want to show off to the world,
That I am the best,
So test my faith,
Or my beliefs,
I am in this until forever,
Please believe it,
Believe it please.

By: IG/FB @Jixifox 

*Note:  This is a series for bloggers, poets, writers, music artist to contribute as a whole and as a community each week.  Simply submit a verse/poem/prose/haiku under 100 words to be featured in the series #JixiOpenMicMonday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…Also you can DM me @jixifox on my social networks.  Only one entry per week, and I pick the best who follows the guidelines.

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