why do you laugh at me

Why do you laugh at me?
Does it make you happy?
Do it please you to make me feel crappy?
I just don’t know what is happening,
Do it make you feel cool,
Is it because I am rapping?
And you think I just may fail,
Locked in a jail,
Can’t post bail,
Or maybe you think I am funny,
Trying to make a living off of laughs,
Maybe you are encouraging me to go further,
Get on stage and make a splash,
Well it will happen,
I have high hopes,
I make smiles out of frowns,
If ever you need a pick me up,
I will hold you down.

Instagram: @jixifox
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Twitter: @jixifox
Be An Insider: bit.ly/jixiccc
Jixi Fox - Nemesis - Album Cover - jixifox - poetry art haiku

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