Thinking Of You — chester maynes

I am thinking of you, thinking of you, thinking of you. This living, this breathing, never ending, not ending, not ending. I am not denying. This feeling, a longing, a craving, a wanting, and not only a dream, it’s reality, a world on my own, not an imagination. Thinking of you is near to loving […]

via Thinking Of You — chester maynes

6 thoughts on “Thinking Of You — chester maynes

  1. Rareity

    Yo Jixi!..:) You’ve supported all of my poetry hands down. Mad props goes out to you for that. Today, is the day i shall transition to self hosted. Because of all your support, I’m setting it up through your ad. You deserve the royalty, thank you from the bottom of my heart man!


    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      Oh yea….wow. I got nothing but luv for you and will also support you when self-hosted. I too is working on going self hosted for a new site I am working on, and of course over on that site I will be able to support and check your work out and put your name and works on display for everyone to come check you out.

      If you were referring to my ads, yes, much appreciated. I do get a whole lot of it on the back end, but it’s helps it’s unique ways. Just remember when going self-hosted, get jetpack installed to help stay within the community and you shall be fine. Salute to you making that journey.

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