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For moments like this,
I can’t resist,
High pitch voice,
Feeling so excited,
When I think about the things,
I am about to get in,
Success is on the way,
And I am truly happy,
I got to scream out,
I get to shout out,
People looking at me,
Like what the hell is happening,
For they can’t see,
Life’s simplest blessings,
Of thinking and doing positive.

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016: Jixi Fox

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due date strip club gta

It’s coming hurry up,
Got to get my money up,
Due date is approaching,
And in life I just don’t give a fudge,
Time is steadily pending,
About to hit my homie’s pocket for a lending,
Because these dollars are going to be attending,
An epic night of air bending,
I am trending on Twitter like a G,
If you missed my posts peep the pics on I G,

I am swaying my manhood,
Loose feelings I am trying to end good,
For tonight my kid is on the way,
I need to get out of here and get on my way,
To witness the moment,
And see the birth,
Of the next best thing in my life,
To take all my money,
And definitely it’s worth, it.
I going to be broke for a long time,
After tonight…

Written By: IG/FB @ixifox
Snapchat: @jixifox
Copyrighted 2016 – Jixi Fox
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