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Never was known for being needy,
With that slice of pie neither was I greedy,
I really try my best to be different,
And in the end in my mind I know I am winning,
Filled with smarts,
I should use that more,
I need to open up more closed doors,
Every time I solve a problem,
I feel like a king,
I just want to provide the world with more wins,
I am content,
With less,
No stress,
Pause any abnormal habits,
Crack it,
If it’s a password,
Hack it,
If I can’t get in your world,
No more left-overs,
I am filled to the brim,
I just like how things are going.
Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016: Jixi Fox

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Only took seconds,
Flow unconditionally,
Reaching a new high.


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