Every now and then,
My mood shifts,
I bring my thoughts closer for a huddle,
So tight I feel a pinch,
I try to do this every time I get a chance,
To do what I like,
And forget what anyone has in their minds,
On what I should do now,
And what I like to do,
Do you know me?
And since when?
I grasp my words even tighter,
No moment from my pen,
I hold my words back,
I juggle my to and fro,
And stay completely still,
As I try to read your mind,
Lips, and body language,
To decide what the best move to make,
Every now and then,
I can’t trust you,
I can’t look,
I don’t even want to bother,
I just want to do what I feel,
Without being judged,
So I stay frozen,
Until I unfold,
And spill,
My world,
My feelings,
My thoughts,
Out to you.

Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox

Instagram: @jixifox
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Snapchat: @jixifox
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