Climbing out the abyss,
It gets me pissed,
That I am to do this shiz again,
Like damn, as frustrated as I am,
I got to fight for the things I was doing so easy, again!
Like how the hell I fell off?
Was I that close to the edge,
If I didn’t pack a rope,
I am sure I would be in hell,
Hot stones and burnt papers,
No one did me a damn favor,
Saw me falling,
But they were still asking for help,
Like how the fudge I am going to help,
I am locked up in prison,
And I don’t even have the bail,
But here I am coming back,
My game is on wax,
Pressing myself,
Rigorous training,
I won’t break my back,
But I damn sure know it will bend,
So until the end,
I will be going through cycles,
While spinning off my axis,
Only dropping heart-felt facts,
I will be producing more works,
Owning all the struggles to be my own master,
Controlling my life,
With my own two hands,
I tend to use my fingers mostly.


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Free Verse
“Jixi Vs The World”

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