night blogger

Night blogger,
I carve words in before dust,
It’s always a race against time,
Had the pressure on my back is a plus,
I come to perform,
I come here to win,
When people say my rhymes are tight,
I would be like,
You gosh damn right,
I pass out after I hit the publish button,
I get calm,
Just to know I worked up a storm,
I cooked these words,
I fillet these bars,
Words are my tools,
To express what I see,
Nothing but stars,
For at night I get inspired the most,
I can’t boast,
Words just flow through me,
You can’t touch me,
They call me nickname, ghost,
Just know,
I write for you,
Hoping I bring smiles and glee,
Just be excited when I drop another one,
Hot off the presser with this heat.


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Free Verse
“Jixi Vs The World”

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Jixi Fox

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