robot bot

I can’t tell who is who,
Everything is misconstrued,
I am not amusing,
I had to do double duty,
Just to be fine,
I am a not a bot in the game,
One of a kind,
I shine through peepholes,
Trying to make my skills show,
Everything we know,
It’s media driven,
Unless you cock back and reload,
Shooting like an amateur,
Your film ain’t up to the pedigree,
Let’s agree that to be you,
You don’t have to be me,
Glee open up my cheeks,
See me smiling,
I wish I was at a party,
I would probably be wilding,
Stiff won’t be my neck,
Double check,
The words I say won’t interject,
Any venom or chaos,
I am just running on borrowed time,
I will be the most original,
One of a kind,
So lay back,
And watch my stock,
I am flexing my muscles now,
But I am not no jock.


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Jixi Fox

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