FIGHTING – Trial And Error


fighting, boxer, fight

Fist to fist,
Hand over hand,
Trying to land a punch,
But I keep falling the more I go,
Smoke fills my lungs,
And I don’t even smoke,
Choking on air I guess,
I gasped,
I look around,
It’s just me panicking,
As I don’t remember the routine,
Still looking for an opening,
All I need is one punch to be clean,
With each inch gained,
Feels like a mile is lost?
I cross my hands in front of me,
To block the pain,
Tears want to pop out,
But all I can do is scream,
What else could I have done with my mouth,
For it’s the action that creates an effect,
So what method must I display today,
For tomorrow I don’t want to regret.

Thanks for checking out the mini-series: Trial And Error 
Trial And Error is a storytelling poetry series by Jixi Fox, about a person trying to find their way back to a place they have been or haven’t been.  Sometimes in life, you just got to take a chance or risk, and pick up on a vibe or feeling.  Life isn’t perfect, so your methods and journeys are not always set in stone or the same.  Follow along with the story as it unfolds for the character who might just be you in your current life or the past. 🙂 

Ep. 1 | Ep. 2 | Ep. 3 | Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 7 | Ep. 8

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Jixi Fox
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