Here is the narrative,
I gave in,
I seen creativity,
Creative things happening,
Not in me,
For I was always bussing,
Letting off a verse or two,
Never a curse,
For I wanted to gift my experience points to others,
Show them a few things they could do,
For I can see their worth,
Without waiting,
I was on their ass,
Debating and calculating,
Angles and designs,
How they can surpass industry insiders,
For I definitely knew in time,
They would be great,
But I guess it wasn’t fate,
For they were late,
So I left to continue ahead of the pack,
I always said I am growing,
I am not the one to stay flat,
But flat and standing is what they wanted back,
Like I can’t convert my time,
The time zone,
The galaxy,
Ain’t aligned like that,
I could send messages,
I hope they reach you right,
So if you willing to fight,
You will figure it out and be alright,
So don’t sit there waiting,
Talking to me like I wasn’t there,
I am just not there right now,
But you could reach me later,
Don’t you give up right now,
Cause you could be the one and pass me on the path,
In no time, you will be on.

This poem is for all the people I tried to activate, and they never fully awake, so you kept me at the gate waiting and waiting, with all sorts of promises and never cashed in…Then time passes by and my life goes further as I knew it would, I am growing, at a steady rate, I knew it would, then they post up at my gate, and I am never home, they arrived late, hoping to this day, when will I ready to go back, but I am already far away, I can’t go back to offer the amazing things I did, my time, free services, those unconditional mentorship in which I had time to sit and have tea, I can only give you positive energy to get to the next level from a far, to get to where you wanted to be. So you have to suck it up, don’t feel sorry or be in disbelief, you got to walk this path alone bettering your self, just like me.

Photo by Anthony Tran
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris
Photo by Ben White

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