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I am not here to masquerade with lames and do what you do,
I am the best in the world at doing what I do,
All black hoodie on, I am all over the streets,
The only brand I am rocking is, called ONLY ME,
No tags on, I don’t wear logos,
When its late outside, I am just trying to duck po po,
Lights on can’t I D my face,
I cover eyes not with my hands but with that mace,
The only court I am showing up for is for hooping,
I am the director but no burners on me,
I am not here for the shooting,
Don’t fear me cuz I got the hoodie on,
I am not here for the looting,
I am solid state instant play,
Not pressing play, video games waiting on the booting,
I have protection in the console,
Ready for any drive bys,
I got Beats by Jixi bumping,
In every hood when I drive by,
My hoodie game flawless,
Just like my victories,
When you think you seen me,
You didn’t see me,
Now my existence is a mystery,
Just know when I pop out,
My feets got your eyes to the ground,
I am ten toes,
When I say it’s all mines,
I am talking about every city and every town.
[written by Jixi Fox]

Follow the Series:   Ep. 1 | Ep. 2 | Ep. 3 |

Hoodie Season (the series), is a new cool series for the fall season. I am excited to add this dynamic poetic and rhyme series to catch the essentials of the autumn/fall season, my favorite season on the year. This series will have a few couple special guests, touch on topics based on girlfriend/boyfriend actions, cuffin season, a new york city sort of vibe of what that fall season means to us. Last and not least the series features style, fashion, and photography from the autumn/fall season. Bonus content will be added to my Instagram, Facebook & YouTube such as reels, stories, music & shorts.


Listen to the Hoodie Season
Soundtrack/Playlist + Featured Video

A Boogie With Da Hoodie – Look Back At It
J. Cole – Heaven’s EP
Jixi Fox – The Edge
Bas – My Nigga Just Made Bail (ft. J. Cole)
Nipsey Hussle – Double Up (Ft. Belly & Dom Kennedy)

Hoodie Season Memes & Funnies


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