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My nemesis says,
I can let believe that’s you,
I am like who me,
They like yea you,
Grab your plate,
Finish your food,
I am like,
Let me get a napkin,
To wipe my face,
I don’t want to be rude.

I can’t believe,
You are living your dreams,
Reigning supreme,
Looking so fresh,
And so clean,
You ain’t even mean,
You happy,
Your hair is black,
And also nappy,
Your rhymes are extra rappy,
Always on the chat,
They calling you snappy,
You are all over the globe,
They calling you mappy,
You crack me up,
You are extra sappy,
Saying the most wonderful things,
You invite me to every win,
You teach everyone,
From your losses,
People oh so wish,
You were their boss,

A best friend,
You so kind,
Got damn,
I am your fan,
I was like,
You got me blushing,
I speak many languages,
Including Russian,
I rush yards,
I come out at night,
I am your star.

I write stories through poetry and lyrics. I want your imagination to explode, and explore word play, and catchy lines. I work hard for those quick smiles. That’s absolutely one of the reasons I write.

In this story: People appreciate you more than you know. It may seem like hate, but it’s envy. Sometimes the smallest thing about you, have other react in unpredictable manners. You can be humble, and be real, be you and stay true. You might be the star in the sky that they look to. Keep doing you.

Photo by Ibrahima Toure

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