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I chase myself,
As my mind run away,
I need to be locked and focused,
No time to play,
I can’t reverse time,
Especially if I have the right of way,
Interceptions interjection,
I didn’t come here to play,
Stay out of my way,
I beg of you,
So please do,
I running the game these days,
Watch me breeze through.

I write stories through poetry and lyrics. I want your imagination to explode, and explore word play, and catchy lines. I work hard for those quick smiles. That’s absolutely one of the reasons I write.

In this story: I don’t want to procrastinate, I don’t want to go backwards. In life we tend to reach a limit or height and stop. We are not curious enough to break past the ceiling. It’s as not passing the ceiling is like another way to trap ourselves to stay there is no more we can do. Get up off your booty and do more. If more people give up, guess what, less competition for you to go forth.

Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20

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