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I am an avid soccer fan who loves watching a good game at home and at the stadium. As a creative I am also very competitive and doing things you love and admire, bring extra energy to your work and mental state, in which I am super excited for.

Now, I really don’t want to be post scores daily and all that, but I do want to tap in and share a few experience with my audience who happens to enjoy soccer and invite that to visit my YouTube & Instagram & Discord as we can talk sports and predictions and share a laugh of invincible beer. 🙂

Today was the kick off day for MLS Soccer in the United States, as I am resident of New York City, so naturally you cheer for your home team. I love most all team, but my team is New York City FC, so which you will soon see a ton of photos of me in gear and jersey. I need to actually update my ABOUT ME page to reflect my fun journey and personality, as I provide great content and stories.

My team was the first team to play in the debit season, and we lose 2-0 to a decent team, but we really should have beaten them or drew the game.

More to come, as hey I love soccer and fan, and working on a e-course to help others talk and share about about their passions and build a community of friends and people around those topics and interests.

See you soon, as it’s the weekend, I have a ton of shows to watch and catch up on.
More to come on that as well.

Photo by Tareq Ismail

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