Daily Archives: February 9, 2023


Digging my way out,
People wrote me off,
Calling me a lost cause,
Look at me now,
Heads turned,
Bodies paused,
I am standing in front,
Staring straight in your faces,
Head on shoulder strong,
I cover all my bases,
I am in amazement,
When I look at my growth,
The things I overcame,
I could only have hoped,
But I am sailing on a boat,
I am making trips around the world,
Nothing precious than showing love,
That beats a thousand pearls,
I learned, I got helped,
A good mental health is wealth,
Trust me I say that in doubles,
I keep my foot grounded,
I stay out of trouble,
Being a beacon of light to others,
I want to see more people accepted,
Never give up,
Brush your shoulders off,
Pick up from the place you last left it.

Photo by Katt Yukawa

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