Daily Archives: March 27, 2023


I got places to go,
I got people to see,
Who is with me,
Put your hands up please,
The road may have some bumps,
It might cause some grunts,
If you going after what you truly want,
Buckle then, let’s have some fun.

*In life we take different paths, but where we end up is sometimes a blessing or a curse, but we won’t know until we get going. On my path to being one of the most creative professional, I truly had a lot of nn believers around me. I had a direction and quest and knew what was best for me, but then realize I control my own fate, with the guidance of the lord, so I keep pushing forward and endure the bumps and grunts to get there, and when I finally do, I remember every stop and sights I passed along the way.

Photo by Jake Blucker

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