Daily Archives: March 28, 2023


Living on the edge,
Standing on the ledge,
Always wanted,
To be an all star,
Every single moment I lived,
Hasn’t gone far,
Stuck and regretted,
My efforts has build up,
Going no way fast,
It’s time to erupt,
Let me ease up,
Driving the bees nuts,
The honey so sugary sweet,
My time has seemed up,
Styling my jeans cut,
Taking off,
My knees up,
I am about to reach rock bottom,
Going down,
Can you keep up?

*You never know what someone is truly going through. The signs, the word, the actions, can leads to many attitudes, so how far will you go for someone is real altitude. Life at times don’t always breathe or steer smooth.

Photo by Anthony Intraversato

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