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Yea let’s jump up and dance

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I am in a dancing mood and reading mood.  I soon start getting it in the gym dancing and practicing my routines for my upcoming performances.  It’s quite entertaining how I am going to rock this world we call ours.  When you see me hitting the stage or rocking them videos, you definitely going to jump up and dance.

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Launch Day, New Music – [Blog-A-Day-May] #11

Ok, I am totally on point today.  I have changed couple factors about my releases as I been feeling uneasy about them for a while and just today figured out why.  For my TAOAT2 project I wanted to have longer songs, and more meaningful titles, but at the same time I wanted something fun you can dance to.  I feel I achieved that with this projects with these two songs, “Imma Bout To Crunch” and “Hands Up and Dance” in which, I have now deemed my creative fun singles releases, but not the official single releases.  “Last Chance” is my 1st official single release, followed by two others to make 3 singles in total which pretty much I find very meaningful to me in some way and the creative improvisation I added to them.

So as promised here are my 3 songs I promised you, “Imma Bout To Crunch” and “Hands Up and Dance“, with the official 1st single “Last Chance” all performed by Jixi B.

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I hope you enjoy and support “The Adventures of Auto Tune 2” project.  Don’t you just love creative rawness?  Let’s all be open-minded and dig in.

*note: Remember all songs are improv and were created on the spot, no editing, no ad-libs, no pre-written material, just beat then words, and creativity bursting out.

Download the 1st installment of  “The Adventures of Auto Tune” by Jixi B. (here)

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When I Smile You Smile, Just Like That

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Today is such a happy day for me, why you ask?  Well I am one step closer to bringing the gift of entertainment to you.  Its a delight to bring the riches of improv comedy and music to the people of the world.  My computer is 50% restored back to the production beast it used to be and to know that it’s almost back on track it just makes me smile.  So when I smile about the hard work to improve the quality of my work and be able to produce fun things for the world, shall also make you smile too.  Even though I may be super tired and can’t sleep, putting so much work to bring the laughter to you, at the end it will be worth it to see everyone smile.

So follow after me, I smile….You smile…just like that.

Have An Awesome Day Everyone.
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I want to entertain you

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One of my mission in life is to be a great entertainer and entertain the people of the world with my creativity.  I mean I got an arsenal of talents and skills and some I am working on developing, but I have a crazy passionate to make people have a good time.  So with that said, with most everything I do I try my best to entertain you.  So far I have a tiny amount of music out, but they are worth listening to and quite entertaining if you are into comedic raps and etc.  Also I have a great deal of poetry out in the world, and shall soon start to bring them to my blog for you to read and enjoy.  I am currently working on my improv comedy and stand up comedy skills, so stay tuned for that.  Trust me when I say I am definitely going to rock the stage and have you laughing and having a good time.

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