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Monday Blues

You Make Me Wanna...

You Make Me Wanna... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my GOD it’s monday again, I should call out,
I been dreading about today since friday when I called out,
I just I just need another day, a four-day weekend,
But I only work on Fridays and Mondays, I guess I am broke again.

– Jixi Fox

I wanna be in the light, because you are in th...

I wanna be in the light, because you are in the light. (Photo credit: abocon)

What’s Up Jixi – ep. 2 – Jixi is “2 Chainz”

Hello friends and my efc family,

After a rad weekend and cool outlook on my new videos and music, I figured a photo opt would be great.  So I thought of a concept and here is Jixi 2 Chainz.  What do you think?  Do you like it?

Jixi Fox as 2 Chainz

Jixi Fox as 2 Chainz

I also made a little comedy/skit to go with it.  It’s coming very soon. 🙂

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you all. 🙂

Its jixi…
“And what a gwann with me, I am being me, flossing my 2 Chainz”

What’s up with you lately?  What a gwann?

No Way In HELL


Hell Show

Hell Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nope, I ain’t going to do that,
Nor will I let you do this,
Because there is no way in hell,
I am going to be on the wrong side being pissed. (Nope)

– Jixi Fox

The Party Starter

Fist pumping, liquor popping, dancing real reckless,
After tonight all my problems gone I will be stressless,
I do it like its nothing, everyday I want to be in the club,
I party hard when I get it started, just trying to have some fun.

– Jixi Fox

Real Vision

Vision of Love

Vision of Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see it in my head, over and over again,
It speaks to all day long, can you see my big grin?
I want to live it, I want to show it, I love it,
I need to work hard so they world can see it.

– Jixi Fox

Reptile Flow

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not from this planet, but directly in nature,
Not someone or something you can pet,
Just here to cause mayhem and menace,
I am fierce, I am rare, I am a beast.

– Jixi Fox

Love Spell

Love Spell

Love Spell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am caught up, she got me in her spell,
I am going crazy too hot like I am in hell,
I do as she say, I can’t resist her every words,
She has got me trapped I am in a daze, no action, no verbs

– Jixi Fox

Loose Pennies – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

In a dream state,
I wake,
Thinking of dreams I created,
Thinking of dreams I hate,
Not gaining any worth of thoughts,
I throw my mind to the wind,
Falling from pocket,
No spare change left to give,
Only enchanted ones I would like to pass,
So its freedom to someone,
Paid freed by love than cash,
So all the hate I rid from the world,
They are enemies to me,
I rather they fall from my pockets,
Like dead leaves from a tree,
Still no worth nor beauty,
But in some eyes it might seem to be,
Just a bunch of loose pennies,
Invisible to thee, if not for greed.

Loose Pennies
by: Jixi Fox