Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Party Starter

Fist pumping, liquor popping, dancing real reckless,
After tonight all my problems gone I will be stressless,
I do it like its nothing, everyday I want to be in the club,
I party hard when I get it started, just trying to have some fun.

– Jixi Fox

Real Vision

Vision of Love

Vision of Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see it in my head, over and over again,
It speaks to all day long, can you see my big grin?
I want to live it, I want to show it, I love it,
I need to work hard so they world can see it.

– Jixi Fox

Reptile Flow

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not from this planet, but directly in nature,
Not someone or something you can pet,
Just here to cause mayhem and menace,
I am fierce, I am rare, I am a beast.

– Jixi Fox