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Jixi Fox Nemeisis Art 1- Cinematic Art Films RawMultimedia Photography

Most days I can’t figure out the words to explain the way I feel,
I seem to express myself more with actions and being real,
My tongue gets twisted with I am about to speak,
I have to leave you with an IOU words due to you next week,

I freelance my thoughts in my creative endeavors,
I think it’s cool and unique, pretty damn clever,
At any moment I feel I have something to say and I can’t,
I will have my soul touch you telepathically  in a rant.

Q: What was your favorite line or part in the short?


Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
“Rival Many, Praise Few”


© 2013 Jixi Fox

Blogging in 2014 Just Got Easier: Introducing 365 Days of Writing Prompts

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Do your New Year’s resolutions include blogging more frequently? We sure hope so.

Are you the ebookish type?

Here at The Daily Post, we’re all about helping you make a regular habit of publishing on your blog (The Daily Post: see what we did there?). To get everyone all geared up for a productive 2014, we’re excited to launch our very first ebook today: 365 Days of Writing Prompts!

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