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It’s amazing how lazy this guy is, he couldn’t keep his head straight he kept looking at my tits,
I mean I know it’s big but c’mon this guy is a little kid, I hope he doesn’t think he is getting any of this,
I see the little teenies saying how the world have them stressed, but they really don’t know what heck stress is,
Waking up at dawn cleaning, cooking, ironing, baking, aching at every moment but still carrying on as if I were in bliss,

I kiss goodbye to the lazy fellers, scared of being strong they chicken out yellers,
I have a duty to be active in my community and be the best productivity seller,
But I really do have those days, laying in bed on sock on my foot, the next one next to my face,
In a daze watching Netlflix, ice-cream melted, call out for work for about 8 days.

Dang I am lazy…

Q: What was your favorite line or part in the short?


Jixi Fox
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