Daily Archives: March 3, 2014




Shhh…be quiet,
The neighbors can hear us,
Your moans are too loud,
I have to say I quite proud,
For I know it’s good,
And you do too,
That’s why me toes curl,
Your wig is off and hair loose,
OMG, we are doing it again,
Don’t beg, I gotcha you BAE,
I am going to make you sweat OK,
We about to turn up and make a video tape,
Maybe even a mixtape, or even a remix,
To a love song, making love song that already exist,
So inhale and exhale,
We about to make more noise,
Even add a few toys,
Our body is so moist,
Just a be wet,
Did we turn the heat up yet,
For we leaking love,
And the whole world soon hear how much it was fun.

But for real, we need to be quiet….Shhhh, but enjoy.


What are your thoughts?
What’s your favorite part?

Jixi Fox