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Despair - Edvard Munch Gallery - Anxiety Pain

Through despair,
I found himself,
I was lonely once,
But I fought for freedom,
Anger was at my beckoning call,
Friends and family I brawled,
I thought I lost it all,
Until someone opened my eyes,
Though they were filled with tears,
That person was there,
To help me up,
To help me grow,
They build up my soul,
Until I had power,
Power to control,
The outcome of me,
In this society,
Which tried to beat me down,
But I am now grounded,
I am a new man,
I ready to start,
I am ready to begin,
To be me,
The real me,
Once again,
Or for the ever first time.

Have you ever been in despair?

What did you think of this poem?

I hope it touched your soul.

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Jixi Fox

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