I was ready to party when my boys hit me up,
They kidnapped me in a Maybach truck,
Get it, because I was like a kid, so they kidnapped me,
Anyways, we got to the destination,
Without hesitation I saw 18 shorties and decided to lay my mack down,
Well you see what had happened was,
My mack wasn’t turned on before I got kidnapped,
So I had to turn on and put in down once I saw the shorties,
Back to the story, they said I was too short and walked away,
If you asking if all 18 walked away, well yes all of them,
Except one, she decided to run away and fell and chipped her tooth,
That must have been painful though,
So I since my mack wasn’t high enough for them,
I went and bought and ice-cream and played with my water gun,
People still play with water guns right?


It’z Jixi

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2 thoughts on “22 JUMP STREET

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