So one Halloween right, I dressed up like spiderman,
Yup, the web slinger,
I thought I was the shiz,
My web slinger skills were unmatched,
Well since no one challenged me,
I was unmatched and undefeated,
Until I went to this party,
I was knocking bottles back,
One by one, Two by two,
And this girl thinking she was Mary Jane tried to talk to me,
I mean she kept on yapping and yapping,
I didn’t know what the hell to do,
I was trying to get drunk,
She was so killing my vibes,
Until a bright idea came upon me,
I mean it probably wasn’t the greatest,
Remind you I am drunk right,
So everything seems amazing,
But this chick was just killing it for me,
So I reach for my pockets,
I felt my weapon I was going to shoot,
But I was like nah,
That would be totally rude,
So I reached for my book bag,
Like them marvel, Disney and cartoon characters at 42nd Street New Year City be carrying,
So ghetto,
Reach for my web slinger thing of a jig,
I sprayed shorty in her face,
Eyes balls and mouth,
Ewww it was like a porno,
But chill,
It was nasty though,
Amazing night for me in all…


It’z Jixi






1 thought on “THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2

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