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A is for APPLE

a is for apple

A is for Apple,
Fallen from a tree,
There is no one holier than thee,
Which is me,
I grace this earth with royalty,
No one wants a part of me,
Unless there is an offering,
I made everything bigger for you to eat,
I sleep no hours earlier than dusk,
I don’t like to subtract money,
All I want to do multiply or plus,
I gust of wind blew over your head,
For how strong my bars was coming,
I put all my chips in on the bet,
I am about to going,
If you broke down,
No towing,
If you are my foe,
Oh my god boring,
Please elevate to a bigger stage,
You a chu chu plane and I am a Boeing,
I am happy right now,
I am big on life,
So as I am drowning you in bars,
You should dive in,
But with no scuba gear on you dying,
So you can drown or stay a float,
With no words say,
Your mouth is shut,
Good day.

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