Daily Archives: August 6, 2014

F is for FIRE


F is for fire,
Because I am so damn hot,
When I walk up in the spot,
Everybody’s mouth just drop,
Because I was fabulous from head to toe,
I let go all fears I had freedom to show,
I was so tight with my gear,
Nothing with flimsy,
I had my friends with me,
So the goons couldn’t get me,
I had plenty cash,
So I had to dash,
I went back to shopping,
I bought everything I could see,
I made it SPLASH.

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Photo Credit: Google Images

Shout out to all my friends who submitted ideas…I some seem too regular and I need some hype, so I used mines and added everyone’s with the poem.

Samantha – Fabulous (Fantabulosity)
Patty – Freedom
Will – Friends
Linda – Flimsy

It’z Jixi

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