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C is for COURAGE

c is for courage

C is for courage,
As I beat my chest,
I take on all challenges,
So never ever disrespect,
For I am king,
Adding shock value to my worth,
Marathon runner not a sprinter,
That runs fast, tire out, face first into the dirt,
My language brews inspiration and motivation to all,
I speak when I feel like it,
Winter, Spring, Summer right back into Fall,
I brawl with the amateurs who never taken a risk,
As I overcome my fears it’s the best that I can get,
So lock me in a dungeon with a dragon or lion,
We will see who will be the last roaring,
Breathing fire, blowing down barriers as a winner,
Points on the board I am scoring.

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*Word of the day inspired and selected by my mom, love her so very much.

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