big lollipop

I wonder how people would lick or suck me,
I know it may sound a tad bit drastic,
But after getting to my core I stretch out like elastic,
So I you put me in your mouth and twirl around,
Just remember to brush so I am cavity, I cause decay.

If I were a lollipop I would be mango flavor with a dash of passion fruit.  Just a sweet blend of orange and green.  I would be like the cheat sweet people crave or have to go to a special place to get me and not fully available at any store.  You are going to have to search for me for my secret taste. 🙂

Q: If you were a lollipop, what & how would you be?


It’z Jixi

*Note: These written poetic and lyrics pieces are simply just jokes and comedic word play driven by poetry, free verse and haiku.  So please enjoy for the sake of comedy and a good laugh.

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