Daily Archives: January 4, 2015


mixed signals poetry new york city relationships comedy

I seen this lady by the bus,
I say good morning, shucks,
She was looking quite fine,
I wonder what is on her mind,
Maybe she wants to win the lottery,
Or roll around in gold in a cave,
I wonder if she will say hello,
I wonder if she is brave,
She shrug me off and said not one word,
I was like dang that’s kind of impolite,
I guess this is the routine of these modern-day girls,
So I chilled with my music playing,
Until a mystery guy came and happen to snatched her bag,
She looked at me for help,
I looked at her and laughed,
I guess it’s just karma,
I saved myself from that drama, NEXT.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox