Chubby Sexy Poetics - Jixi Fox Poetry Art Poems 12

I might blush when looking at you,
As I help you out the car,
I admire your pedicure,
Soft hands in mine,
I love your perky lips,
Graced with happiness if I got a kiss,
You are amazing how you whip your hair,
Elegant posture when you walk,
Oh my God,
As I rub against your rose cheeks,
I lay you down in bed,
I notice your beautiful skin,
Of course I was dazed by your sexy feet,
I knew I was a king with my queen,
That’s a win,
Natural vs cosmetics,
Your inside the best gift I can see or get,
As long love you,
I can love you too.

Thanks for reading
Be sure to share
Come back for more…

Jixi Fox


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