Daily Archives: January 10, 2019



Through the aisles,
Down the block,
Hours going in,
Must punch the clock,
I flock to where the crowds are,
But all I hear is just noise,
To the other side, I am trying to go,
I am trying to go to all the toys,
I want to play,
For I worked hard already,
I am just passing through,
Don’t mind me or what I am saying…

This is little, poem/prose to remind myself and others to just pass through the noise and get to where you need to get. The world is going to keep putting distractions, commercials, people, obstacles, and a bunch of garbage in your way and begging, and dying for your attention. But it’s when you close your eyes or even with it open, just cross the path without being caught in the mix. #BirdBox 🙂 lol ha ha

Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox
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