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Started out late,
Out the gate for the show,
Crazy as it seems,
You already know,
I am tired of this shit,
Creating these goals,
Who the hell came up with this,
Don’t point fingers when you already know,
You made it,
Stick to the script,
Get a grip,
Can’t flip reality,
You can always trip,
Not always ready,
Come prepared,
If you deaf,
Clean out your ears to hear,
For once you are in,
You got to take a few blows,
Puzzle pieces scattered everywhere,
What does it take for you to solve,
Except get involved,
There is nowhere to run,
And no time for sleep,
If you miss a beat,
Simply start over,
Oh yeah,

This poem is just the voice going on in your head when you commit to something and you start feeling the pressure. New eating habits, working out, no spending money, writing blog poetry posts daily when you just want to roll over and sleep. It’s frustrating, but sometimes to fumble along the way until you get it going and see the results later from trying over and over again.

Thanks for tuning into this series, “Peeping Through The Window” where we are looking outside at ourselves from the inside. We are through the motions of disbelief, frantic, and confusion. It is at certain moments we see relief and acceptance and figure out what’s our next play. What will be the next move to do after seeing what has been going on.

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