Daily Archives: January 15, 2019



Taste me,
Satisfy me,
Eat me,
Now lick your lips,
Was it worth it?
Get a grip,
Flavors bursting,
Hurting any thoughts of stopping,
Indulge in my everything,
I want you to not be able to refuse,
As I do,
Leaving you trapped in this voodoo,
What you trying to do,
Scream or moan,
Pick up the phone and call for help,
Or invite someone else,
To experience this intense mood,
Who would have thought,
Food could do the do,
Please no sharing,
It’s one person per feeding,
Too much hands involved,
It’s slim pickings,
Just explore my insides and out,
And explode in these cravings,
To yours and my delight.

Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox
Instagram: @jixifox
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