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#irl – being alone


Most people don’t want to be alone, but they are scared to admit it to the wrong or right person.

“in real life things are different.”
“online you can be whoever you want. you can be fake or real”
social media, depression, fear, personality, reality, hardship, fake, antisocial, anxiety
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Confessions To My Ex-Girlfriend – Love Is Hard

Love is hard
But I love you
I need you in my life.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema 

Confessions To My Ex-Friend
“a series of thoughts and words i wanted to express. times were never always bad not their best. these are the words i wanted to say. or it may just be too late. these emotions are coming from a real place.”
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love poems – guilty pleasures

it feels so good,
but tastes better,
these are,
my guilty pleasures,

i like it in dark,
i lick my lips,
my thirst is never quenched,
i want it.

i hide my desires,
i so no one knows,
i am behind the door,
but it’s not closed,

you won’t ever know,
unless i reveal my secrets,
i want it so bad,
i need it.

if i can have it everyday,
i would,
i would lose my mind in it,
if i could,
i am on high,
for the things i am craving,
i could be good,
but i want to be bad,
i just love misbehaving.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

love poems – a love story is a series of love poems written to capture the art of love and all the beauty and chaos that comes with it. follow the story…”

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