I woke up today,
Hardly any words,
Needed to be spoken,
The world was active,
The work is being done,
My mind was not at ease,
For I am smart enough to know,
Reality is not always what it seems,
We must fight,
Change must happen,
I can’t wait for tomorrow,
For today is right in our face,
So why wait?
I am not in the mood,
I need to see documents,
I need to see new laws,
I am not with the shits,
I need something legit,
Pain been on my mind,
I need to get something off my chest,
Your knee is on my neck,
I kneel to make things correct,
Are you here now,
For the clout,
Are you here now,
To open your mouth,
Until them,
I don’t believe everything,
I am seeing,
I am unrested.

Photo by Koshu Kunii 
Photo by Clay Banks 


  1. a state of dissatisfaction, disturbance, and agitation in a group of people, typically involving public demonstrations or disorder.

Thanks for Reading,
Jixi Fox

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