Over 151, like Ash,
I got to catch them all,
Watch out, duck, don’t move,
For all my poke balls,
Call me brock,
Because I got the rock,
Or I am misty 360,
With water types I am gonna wet you up,
I am primary with my colors,
Reb, Blue, and Yellow at the core,
Knocking down doors,
In each town I go to,
I am trying to catch much more,
Earning badges like a savage,
Your pokemon’s I will damage,
I ravish in my wins,
My pikachu is electrifying,
My whole squad is elite,
Everyone I go against will reach defeat,
I be so bored I stay surfing,
I am totally wavy on my feet.
I could fly, dig, splash and slash,
But all in all, I am only here for the cash.

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© ℗ 2022 | Jixi Fox

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