Daily Archives: December 8, 2022


It’s not hard to say you want more. It’s not hard to dream a little. It almost seems like each word we use can be limiting. I am a big support of big dreamers and creatives. You have to want more to get more. You have to show up to feel the work and ultimately see the results.

This post today is just to let you know, to go after more and create goals. Once your goals have been set, create systems to get you there. Honestly so easy said than done. Something I have tend to forget in my conversations writing as I always share in person with one on one interactions, is that most people want to see someone doing something in the space and ways they would like to before the follow or go after their dream.

I want to present myself in that manner, for people I know, who may think like me, and better. I want to give them a reason to go their dreams, by being present chasing mines.

The journey is soon started. A path for you will be open to enter.

Photo by Ronnie Overgoor

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